Boutique Hotel With Nomadic Style Decor

Boutique Hotel With Nomadic Style Decor

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On the mighty Greek island of Rhodes, Casa Cook stands poised to welcome guests for a unique getaway. The boutique hotel is a relaxed fusion of modernised Greek architecture and nomadic style interiors that are synonymous with the tribal chic trend. The hotel was created by architect Vana Pernari and designer Annabell Kutucu Michael Schickinger, with the intention of creating a laid-back and cosy destination. The look was inspired by travels around the globe, and achieved with handmade objects, found treasures and vintage pieces. You’ll find light and bright rooms here that are filled with straw baskets, rattan light shades, jute area rugs, and beds strewn in bold printed cotton cushions and rustic throws.

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The 90 room hotel is located just a few minutes walking distance from the sparkling Aegean Sea. This modern take on traditional Greek architecture features a partially sheltered, open sided patio area by the pool.

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Exposed stone accent walls bring warmth and texture to a predominantly white guest space. Communal seating areas gather in natural coloured fabrics and materials. Rustic wooden stools and side tables bring in the handmade element, looking as though they have been found in some bustling market in a far flung place.

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Pod swing seats bring a subtle playfulness to an adult space.

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An outdoor bar area stands out in monochrome chevron detailing.

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Timber decks, pergolas, straw sun parasols and a glittering blue swimming pool make up the rest of the outdoor areas, basking under the glorious Greek sunshine.

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A structured yet informal dining room resides behind an expanse of glass windows, running the length of a sun patio.

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Patio furniture lines up along the outside of the dining room windows.

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Rough cotton cushions line a long white concrete window seat, running the length of the outdoor room, inviting guests to make themselves more comfortable and feel at home.

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Rattan pendants bring light to the outdoor room at nightfall.

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Swing seats are suspended from the lintel over one of the glassless ‘windows’ in the outdoor room. Retro wire chairs seat guests two by two at crafted wooden tables.

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The open sided room allows uplifting views to sweep through.

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There are a selection of in-keeping items to peruse inside a hotel shop, displayed on chunky wooden plinths and shelves. Purchases are made and bagged at a raw concrete counter.

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There’s a collection of natural homeware on sale, so when guests fall in love with the nomadic style of their rooms they are able to buy a little piece to take home with them, to help recreate their dream destination.

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An arid garden pushes up under the midday sun.

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At the centre of the indoor dining area there is a concrete banquet table; seats line one side, with wooden benches along the other.

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Towering shelves cover one wall of the communal dining room, displaying handmade pots, bowls and vases.

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Rustic ceiling panels lower the look of the lofty ceiling, and enormous rattan pendant lights hang like church bells.

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A tropical botanical themed mural has been added in tile to the dining room.

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The handmade items in the dining room are juxtaposed by a crisp white lunch menu presented on a corporate clipboard. Sparkling glassware, pristine white flatware and standard domestic salt and pepper pots continue the leave from all that is nomadic.

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Families of bamboo furniture can be found scattered around the sun decks.

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Pergolas partially shade the social gathering spots.

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Tasselled hammocks are strung from the pergolas rafters, all set for a shaded snooze.

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Enormous palm trees reach to the sun around the border of the hotel. Arid gardens and stone walls help divide the outdoor space.

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The luxury boutique hotel rooms have pool decks attached.

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Inside the hotel rooms, the floor is multilevel. White polished concrete is built up to raise the bedroom off the living space. Concrete steps lead down to the patio doors, which exit onto the pool.

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A floor bed is set atop of a concrete platform, made cosy with an abundance of cushions and chunky throws. A woven wall hanging makes a feature of the headboard wall.

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White concrete also forms the base of a simple sofa in a casual lounge. Wooden stools, side tables and a live edge coffee table complete the nomadic style living room arrangement.

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A concrete plinth forms a bedside table, topped with a wooden tray and ceramic pitcher. Woven bags on wall hooks offer space to stow items by the bed.

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There is a bar area beneath a small wall mounted flat screen tv – just incase the glorious weather doesn’t hold out.

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The patios lead into a communal pool – so you can swim right by your neighbours rooms too.

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The rooms are open plan, with the living room leading directly into the bedroom, and on into an open bathroom.

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Woven rugs bring texture and warmth to the concrete floor.

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Rattan baskets are dotted about the hotel rooms, offering extra cushions and blankets.

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Some of the concrete floors have been switched out for wood flooring. Pebble accent walls bring added interest.

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A rattan chair sits at a modernistic white dressing table.

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Each of the hotel rooms are a little different. This one features a grey painted accent wall.

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A double vanity area peeks out from an open plan bathroom.

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Heavy curtains provide privacy from the communal pool area.

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Cantilevered sun loungers jut out over the swimming pool.

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