A House Of Many Layers

A House Of Many Layers

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This is a home of many layers - not only in terms of having multiple floors, but also in terms of style and a couple of hidden surprises. Designed by Deco Design Guan Pin, there are an array of evoked atmospheres at play here. There is a cooly understated reception room downstairs to receive guests, and a cosy tv snug on the first floor. A long galley kitchen diner reaches out like a warm and welcoming family hub, and an unusual garden room holds a sunken secret. There is staircase design inspiration and modern balustrades to study inside, which lead to a mezzanine level and loft rooms high in the rafters.

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  • Photographer: Black Angel
The home interior starts in a quietly understated way, in a reception room with a white and beige colour combo. The high shine tile floor is perhaps the most remarkable thing about this particular space, with the rest of the home flair kept at low key. A woodburning stove heats the cool toned space.

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A pale grey rug is positioned to warm the tile floor at the centre of the lounge furniture arrangement. Three nesting coffee tables cluster at the heart of the room, bringing in a darker note. An unusual log store sits at one side of the room to fuel the woodburning stove.

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A unique ceiling fan spins overhead, at the centre of a soffit frame that supports track lighting and recessed spotlights. The sofa has a floor lamp nestled by its side as close task lighting. A yellow scatter cushion and an orange throw add a couple of warmer hues to the room.

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Wall shelves are fitted around an architectural column in the corner of the room.

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A round armchair sits by a set of patio doors, which lead out to a garden.

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Wood and monochrome ornaments and prints accessorise the living room shelves.

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Modern monochrome artwork stands on the floor by the fireside, propped against a pale grey painted wall. There is no television or books in this living room – it is a serene place to chat by the fire, and to receive guests.

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Behind the living room sofa, an open doorway leads to a stairwell. Stairs and a mezzanine landing are floored with the same wood plank. White metal balustrades line the way.

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A snug tv lounge awaits at the top of the stairs, furnished with a ecru fabric sofa and a small side table. Grey scatter cushions match a grey textured rug.

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The tv wall decor is a combination of pale and rich woodtones, where the television is recessed within an overlapping wood ‘block’. Sheer natural coloured voiles blow at sliding balcony doors.

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The loft level has a shuttered window that looks out over the mezzanine tv lounge below, drinking in light from the large balcony windows.

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Back down on the ground floor, a beautiful live edge dining table makes the kitchen diner a wonderfully welcoming family hub.

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Three seats sit at one side of the table, with a dining bench furnishing the other side. A galley kitchen runs in line with the eating spot.

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Pretty garden flowers in a simple vase provide the table centrepiece. A modern chandelier gives the dining ensemble an expensive flair.

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The galley kitchen is a two-tone design with dark wood base units and white wall cabinets. White corian countertops finish the look. A high wood counter serves as a breakfast bar or coffee break spot, with three kitchen bar stools seated on the opposite side.

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To utilise an awkward space, a bank of kitchen units house the oven and fridge freezer beneath the staircase that leads to the first floor. The wood burning stove that lives in the first reception room can be seen through an open doorway.

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Wine glasses hang from a rack over the sink – suggesting that this area is used as a wine bar as well as a coffee and breakfast bar.

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From a viewpoint looking past the wood burning stove in the reception room, we are given a glimpse of the garden. The view is obscured by a narrow dividing wall that stands upon a false floor, which has storage in its base. The room divider has a circular window cut out of it that frames an artichoke pendant light.

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Behind the narrow divider we find a tearoom, where a hidden tabletop is raised out of the platform floor.

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Red cushions provide high contrast with the green view.

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A green teapot brings the colours of the garden to the table.

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The master is a soothing white a pale grey bedroom, enriched by dark stained wood.

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The light wood of the platform bed is matched by a bespoke shelving unit by the window.

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A room divider shields the bed from the door.

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The large fronds of an indoor plant bring greenery into the neutral room.

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The other side of the loft is furnished with a floor bed under the eaves.

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A child’s bedroom holds mint green decor and a kid’s study space.

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Wireframe geometric pendant lights hang over the stairwell.

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