4 Super Swish Interiors With a Chic Neutral Palette

4 Super Swish Interiors With a Chic Neutral Palette

Four homes, four different takes on modest scale modern interiors, all using a chic neutral colour palette. Soft, light grey tones blend with beautiful wood grain and fresh white decor to conjure up living spaces that are not only style conscious but that are welcoming and generous with home comforts. These are perfect examples of how the neutral trend can be more than just safe playing, by showcasing magic combinations that achieve an edgy yet cosy look. Look out for beautiful sofa designs, contemporary room divider ideas, cool kitchens, delicious dining sets, elegant modern lighting choices and imaginative finishing touches that can easily be translated into your very own home design.

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  • Designer: Nazar Tsimbalyuk
A grey modern sofa divides the footprint of a compact combined living space in home number one. Behind it, a slatted wall subtly defines the lounge from the kitchen diner. A floor lamp provides task lighting at one end of the lounge seating. More modern floor lamps here.

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Six wood grain chairs have been teamed with a white dining table for a fresh modern look that isn’t overly “matchy-matchy”.

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Mini pendant lights line up over the dining table. The wall mounted tv in the lounge has a clear viewing angle from the dining table also.

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Plain white window blinds diffuse the natural light through large expanses of glass. Their simplistic aesthetic matches the slab front white kitchen units and a minimalist style white cooker hood. A black kitchen faucet gives the kitchen installation one dark stand out feature. Grey tones smoke the stone backsplash and tie in with the neat grey dining room pendant lights. The modern dining chairs are an unusual design that uses one single sheet of material folded around on itself to make a seat shape and legs.

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The countertop is of an interesting design that is thicker at one end, beneath the hob. Recessed grey shelves at the opposite end provide storage for bowls, cups and table accessories.

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A second slatted wall marks the change of use between the lounge and bedroom areas. Modern bedroom pendant lights hang at either side of a floating effect platform bed. Fitted closets and a built-in bookcase fill the longest wall.

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The bedside cabinets are wooden plinths with a dual height surface; their design matches the wood block coffee table in the adjacent lounge. Since the home is all open plan, the decor is designed to flow cohesively.

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The floating effect platform bed base is the same woodtone as the bespoke closets and the floor.

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A stylish chair nestles behind the slatted dividing wall in the kitchen diner. It makes a lovely light reading spot by the window.

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  • Designer: Andrey kabanov
Arriving at home number two, we find an 80 square metre interior. The modern living room is split between a lounge and a kitchen diner.

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The modern sofa has a split back to allow the two living areas to connect.

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A small table lines the back of the sofa, serving through the gap.

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Concrete and wood tone colour the kitchen.

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Bespoke closets look sleek in a pale grey finish. A narrow wall mounted unit stretches across a mirrored wall to make a vanity.

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A wood vanity unit furnishes a concrete bathroom.

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  • Designer: S.O.D Architects
  • Visualizer: S.O.D Architects
Our third home measures 65 square metres, in Kiev. The modern living room is dominated by an attractive tv feature wall, with ambient lighting to amp up the textured effect.

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The sofa is a linear yet cushiony design. Slimline nesting coffee tables allow the sofa to remain the hero piece.

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A custom fit media unit runs the floorline beneath the tv, and around a partition wall.

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Flames flicker in a modern fireplace located at one end of the sofa.

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An open and airy entry hall connects the rooms.

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One modern stool sits by a full height frameless wall mirror in the entryway. The mirror visually doubles the space. A bank of light grey storage closets and handle-free drawers quietly fill one wall.

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Smooth interior doors blend with the pale walls.

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Recessed spotlights illuminate the hall.

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A crisp minimalist white kitchen creates cool contrast after the glowy softness of the lounge.

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On the opposite wall, a row of indoor plants make an interesting special feature by the dining table.

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  • Visualizer: Stephen Tsimbalyuk
In home design number four, the open ended style of the sofa helps the different areas of the room flow easily into one another.

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A dark wood panel makes sophisticated tv wall decor.

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Photographic art turns a plain wall into chic gallery space.

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Long taupe curtains warm the look of the window wall.

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What at first glance looked to be a wine cooler, turns out to be a hookah pipe cabinet. The illuminated unit dominates a minimalist kitchen.

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A planter is integrated into the side of the kitchen.

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Wood kitchen cabinets visually warm the white room.

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The cozy bedroom is fitted out with a large bespoke bed design, with storage drawers underneath.

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A home office area stands by the bed.

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Glass doors section off a large portion of the room to make a dedicated dressing area.

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A round jute rug peeps out from under the bed to add a natural element to the contemporary furnishings.

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The home plan shows how big the dressing room is! It reaches right around the corner too.

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