Luxury Modern Home Interior With A Sense Of Fun

Luxury Modern Home Interior With A Sense Of Fun

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Luxurious modern home interiors are suave and sophisticated but can lack a sense of fun. That is not the case with this wonderful space, visualised by Diff Studio. This luxury interior comes complete with a youthful personality, which is displayed through colourful art pieces. However, that’s not to say that this isn’t one serious piece of interior design, because it is. Swathes of smooth wood tone and luxe white marble engulf walls, floors and surfaces. Smoked glass reflects gorgeous contemporary lighting designs. Sleek modern furniture comes in shades of grey with earthy burnt sienna accents, and a home office stands poised to get down to some serious work.

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At the heart of the home there is a grande double height living room. Designer sectional sofas upholstered in grey fabric are accompanied by burnt sienna accent pieces, which warm the scheme through.

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A pink canvas with multi color silk screen completely alters the tone of the sophisticated room scheme. The nostalgic Mickey Minnie by Mr Brainwash is a 2017 unique piece. The art, measuring just under a metre square, dominates a wood panelled wall behind the sofa.

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Although the art introduces new contrasting hues into the room, its red tones do coincide with the the more colourful statement pieces in the living room, like these two modern accent chairs that divide the open lounge from the hallway.

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An upholstered ottoman follows along in russet tone, as well as a couple of select scatter cushions. The modern staircase design ties a shiny black ribbon around the room. In the space underneath the staircase, bushy green indoor plants grow out to contrast beautifully with the reddish items in the room.

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The modern chandelier glows like golden rings, cascading from the lofty ceiling. A two tone area rug breaks up the large floor area of the lounge below.

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A modern fireplace burns brightly from inside of a bookmatched marble clad chimney breast.

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Smoked glass balustrades climb the staircase behind the lounge, reflecting the illuminated rings of the living room pendant light as they rise.

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Beside the modern accent chairs, a gold floor lamp is of a looped design that ties in with the golden hoops of the ceiling pendant.

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The whole room looks to be alight in the glassy reflections.

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The wood wall cladding that engulfs the sofa wall continues on around to frame the home entry door, creating one smooth volume.

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A vertical garden has been planted into a towering column with black glassy sides. A curvaceous console table has a matching reflective finish behind the sofa. A second big statement chandelier cascades into the hallway area by the accent chairs, dangling orbs of glass from golden stems.

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Colourful art in the hallway, which is Hollywood by Mr.Brainwash, provides instant impact upon entering the home. The tall frameless mirror beside it gives a tantalising glimpse of what lies further inside.

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Although the art choices are youthful, there are grown up areas within the home too – like this wine storage room. A rose gold side table holds the wine glasses beside an angled mirror, which gives the illusion that the room is twice as big, and square.

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A glass fronted wine chiller puts choice bottles on display.

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The modern bedroom decor contains a wood clad wall, the same as the living room and the wine storage room. This time the door has been camouflaged in wood effect too. A duo of bedroom pendant lights hang in front of the wood grain on one side of the bed.

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Quirky wall art brings fiery orange tones into the room.

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Burnt sienna accessories colour the monochrome bed set, on a leather-look platform bed.

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A dressing room has been fitted out with glass closets, to keep a curated designer collection on display.

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There is a modern black vanity table with an integrated vanity mirror over by the window. A cube stool pushes away neatly underneath it.

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The dressing room is furnished with a central ottoman, which is the same ottoman design as seen in the living room. A fashion magazine lays open on the ottoman for inspiration.

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One large indoor plant fills the corner of the room by another window.

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The vibrant home also contains a modern home office. This is a serious space for serious work, but there is still a sense of youthful fun and enthusiasm. Another piece of mixed media art is a take on Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans – only this time the subject matter is a can of spray paint, labelled ‘Tomato Spray’.

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A deluxe gold shelving unit fills the wall behind the black desk. A designer table lamp has a matching gold finish.

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The opposite side of the room holds a contemporary fireplace design, fitted into a black marble chimney breast.

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A yellow swivel chair is seated at the black slimline desk, which is bathed in natural light from a tall window.

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