Captivating Modern Glamour In Grey, Gold And Green Home Interior

Captivating Modern Glamour In Grey, Gold And Green Home Interior

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Spanning 750 square metres in the Moscow region, Russia, this luxury home is filled with modern glamour. Gold and green accents warm a cool grey colour scheme, shaped by modern designer furniture inspired by classic concepts. Visualised by Vizline Studio, the tour takes us on a journey of a chic open plan living room with a golden fireplace, some unique lighting ideas, and a seriously sophisticated home office design with a lounge. Stunning sliding doors reveal a sleek minimalist kitchen layout that’s made decorative with a wall of open kitchen shelving and a comfortable dining nook. The ground floor tour is topped off with a gorgeous lobby and pool house, plus two small and stylish bathrooms.

  • 1 |
The luxury living room is a tonal banquet of black, grey, gold and white. A huge modern sofa fills the centre of the space, wrapping the lounge layout on two sides.

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Two tan accent chairs outline the other side of the lounge arrangement. On the grey sofa, two tan scatter cushions match the hue of the modern chairs.

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The tan colour elements and the glow of lighting have the same warming tonal effect as the gold accents in the grey living room. A long media cabinet crosses the width of the room; tall planters crown one end of it with bright greenery.

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Gold panels wrap the chimney breast in the living room, above a linear modern fireplace. A gold chair is pulled up close and cosy to the sleek black hearth, with a footstool poised for warming those toes.

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A beautiful set of modern nesting coffee tables span the gap between the accent chairs and L-shaped sofa in the lounge. One low square wood effect table is overlapped by a black marble round table to create an interesting combination of shape and texture.

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The windows dip back behind the couch to form a perfect nook for this green chaise lounge chair and gold floor lamp. The pairing make a sophisticated reading nook away from the glare of the TV screen.

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Two open doorways lead out of the living room, one from the lounge area and one from a formal dining spot. A wall of unique lighting sets a black slatted hallway wall all aglow.

  • 8 |
The ground floor of this house is also equipped with a handsome home office. Bespoke shelving and storage nooks have been set so that all plains run flush around the perimeter, with nothing protruding except the desk.

  • 9 |
In the other half of the study there is a suave lounge area with modern tufted sofas. A floor lamp in front of the book stacks makes one of the sofas into an ideal reading spot; the second sofa is faced toward a wall mounted TV.

  • 10 |
A small side table is large enough to balance a laptop computer on–or a drink made from the bar shelved above the TV.

  • 11 |
The minimalist home office desk appears at first glance to be a cantilevered design, but there is a perspex leg to support the illusion. A designer desk lamp makes a dapper addition at one end of it.

  • 13 |
Soft grey dining chairs and grey sofa upholstery paired with the light golden fireplace make a deliciously smooth colour feast for the eyes. Some of the black slatted wall panels from the hallway have made their way around onto this side of the wall too, bringing in texture and shade.

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Stunning sliding doors draw back to join the kitchen to the dining area.

  • 15 |
Once beyond the sliding doors, an array of candlesticks and decorative vases are displayed on a wall of open kitchen shelving.

  • 16 |
A unit on the other side of the kitchen island conceals a coffee bar.

  • 17 |
Three kitchen bar stools line up beside the coffee bar cabinet. A comfortable breakfast nook is fashioned along the window, where a small dining table and a few chairs are teamed with a cosy banquette bench.

  • 18 |
A unique pendant light fills the corner of the breakfast nook. Wood effect wall panels echo the finish of kitchen cabinets, to merge the two sides of the room together.

  • 20 |
In the lobby, linear wall cabinets are arranged to reflect a random pattern in the floor. Beautiful pendant lights follow a similar undulating rhythm.

  • 22 |
Mirrored panels and slats ripple down the concrete hallway.

  • 23 |
A decorative coat rack wraps the corner toward the front door, next to a stylish umbrella stand.

  • 24 |
In the pool house, an impressive slatted ceiling threads the length of the room.

  • 25 |
Green poolside chairs and botanical themed cushions bring in a touch of the outdoors.

  • 28 |
A couple of slender plant stands layer cacti in front of the garden view.

  • 29 |
The pool is visible through glass doors at the end of the hall inside the main house, which also brings the garden view and natural sunlight flowing through.

  • 31 |
A mirrored baseline beneath custom-made cabinets reflects the floor, making a small area appear deceptively spacious.

  • 32 |
The mirror trick is used inside a small bathroom too.

  • 33 |
Wood effect panels conceal the toilet cistern.

  • 34 |
The mirrored vanity wall in a second small bathroom reflects a pattern of decorative wall hooks.

  • 35 |
Ridged wall tiles clad the shower.

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