How To Use Terrazzo In Interior Design: 4 Examples

How To Use Terrazzo In Interior Design: 4 Examples

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For those who are late to the party, terrazzo is the flecked floor and wall treatment that’s taking the interior design world by storm. It’s a composite material that’s poured into place for a seamless finish, or precast for ease of use. The flecks you’ll see suspended inside it are actually chips of marble, quartz, granite or glass. It’s a process that dates way back but features most widely in Art Deco, and you might have noticed its use in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If its good enough for Hollywood, then its good enough for us, so we’ve gathered together four examples of how best to use terrazzo in interior design to set you on your speckled way.

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  • Visualizer: Yulia Cherviachenko
Soft dusky pink, white and gold decor is invigorated by a confetti storm of terrazzo in our home tour number one.

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The fragments within the terrazzo composite work perfectly with the golden elements within the room’s colour scheme, like the gold sofa legs and integrated side table. A trio of golden globes orbit over the kitchen island, like a mini solar system.

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A terrazzo dining table accommodates a dining party of six.

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Five gold ring dining pendant lights shimmer above a designer dining suite, complementing the gold framed dining chairs.

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A simple glass vase displays dried pampas grass, which echoes the soft feathery fronds depicted in the dining room wallpaper.

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Wooden placemats, white crockery, and a matching teapot create a neutral and natural looking table setting. Black and white art by Alvin Chong adds attitude.

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Gold taps grow from the terrazzo topped island in the kitchen.

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Pink and gold kitchen bar stools line up along its outer edge, tucked beneath an overhang to make this a comfortable, casual dining spot. A sprig of greenery in a clear glass vase gives the sharp edged kitchen island some finesse.

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White integrated appliances blend gently with pure white kitchen units.

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  • Visualizer: Daria Alieva
Our second terrazzo splashed apartment begins in a cute and colourful small lounge, where the wall art simply hints at the homes terrazzo inspiration. The sofa’s colour block cushions and an area rug carry the bright accents all the way down to the floor.

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As we turn around, we’re met with a flurry of terrazzo over the TV wall. A dining table effectively divides the lounge from the kitchen.

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The terrazzo tv wall decor is overlapped by a wooden panel, which supports the TV screen. A white media unit underlines the panel, poised to stow away messy consoles and accessories.

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It’s a terrazzo takeover in the kitchen too, with an L-shaped speckled backsplash.

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One yellow dining chair, amongst three plain white ones, serves as a little nod to the yellow chips in the terrazzo. Glass dining pendant lights steer clear of the colour scheme.

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Sliding glass doors draw across the bedroom. The clear wall allows a visual continuation of space that makes the small living room to feel larger than its actual area.

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Bedroom pendant lights flank a wood panelled headboard, which is atmospherically lit around its edges by concealed LED strip lights too.

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A cheerful and bold yellow desk chair pulls up to a home workspace in the corner of the bedroom; even small rooms can make big statements.

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The ‘desk’ is actually a shelf, which overlaps a floating white media cabinet beneath the neighbouring TV, creating a cool stepped effect. A mirror above the shelf doubles the desk as a vanity table too.

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Small bedside drawers fit perfectly into the leftover gaps at each side of the double bed.

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Terrazzo returns inside the bathroom, patterning the vanity area.

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  • Visualizer: Innoi Design
Home number three has a peacefully smooth white and pale spruce colour scheme, tickled with terrazzo in the floors and kitchen island.

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Monochrome artwork shakes up the laid back look.

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The pale couch is layered with grey and white cushions, and cosy knit grey throws.

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A wall of shelves backs the sofa area, which is piled with literature and dotted with decorative vases.

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The far reaching arms of a large black sputnik chandelier marks out the lounge; a black linear light crosses the dining table beside it.

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Small brick red accents ignite dramatic sparks of interest throughout the open plan room.

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The cooker hood is colour matched to the pale spruce coloured kitchen walls.

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Three modern wall sconces punctuate the back wall of the minimalist kitchen. A niche in the cabinetry has been encased with terrazzo slabs, to complement the terrazzo kitchen island.

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Large indoor plants spring from golden planters inside the bedroom.

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Terrazzo washes in from the living area, flooding the bedroom floor.

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  • Visualizer: Roman Lysenko
Our last terrazzo inspired tour takes place in 43 square metre home located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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Black, white and apricot come together in a small open plan living room. A tray top terrazzo coffee table adds underlying pattern to a tame neutral lounge.

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Black light shades extend across the kitchen island behind the lounge.

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Three black kitchen bar stools partner with the three black light shades.

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Terrazzo countertops cross the kitchen base units. A matching backsplash completes the look.

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A perfectly symmetrical bedroom layout is offset by asymmetrical wall art.

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Black and beige butt heads in the ensuite bathroom.

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Floor plan.

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