Modern Rustic Cabin With Cosy Small Room Ideas

Modern Rustic Cabin With Cosy Small Room Ideas

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The rustic modern interior of this 215 square metre home, visualised by Olovo, feels just like a cosy cuddle. Walls of wood build a warm and shipshape decor. Deep muted green and blue accents add comforting colour and visual weight amongst larger expanses of light neutrals. The modest proportions and low sloping ceilings of the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms give the interior a nesty feel. To counteract the closeness of low ceilings and the embrace of endless wood tone, furniture is kept mostly white or light; room layouts are precisely planned to squeeze the most out of every space–and all is implemented in the most stylish possible way.

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A cushiony modern sofa dominates the compact rustic living room; moss green and navy cushions and a brown throw bring a little colour to its light upholstery.

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The wooden structure of the home is exposed across the living room, from edge to edge, and ceilings continue the cosy wooden decor theme.

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Creamy curtains soften the wood plank walls, flanking the multitude of windows that run the length of the open plan space. A large indoor plant stands as a visual buffer between the lounge and a family dining area.

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A swivel chair also stands in the transition space between the two areas, in prime position to get toasty by the fire.

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The choice of green swivel chair brings out the living greenery in the room. Modern art adds a splash of exciting monochrome to mellow wood grain walls.

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The kitchen stands open to the lounge and dining room, though it is neatly sectioned off by a supportive column of timber.

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The modern dining set stands between dual aspect windows in the corner of the free-flowing living space.

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Another dining area is made along the outer edge of the kitchen peninsula, where three bar stools line up opposite the hob cooking area.

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Black kitchen bar stools stand out crisply against white kitchen units and worktops, and complement black breakfast bar pendant lights and integrated cookers.

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The U-shaped kitchen arrangement places the kitchen sink perfectly under a big window in the cabin, where a unique glass carafe waits to be filled.

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A sleek white chimney extractor descends quietly over the hob in the kitchen peninsula, hardly drawing any attention at all between the black kitchen pendant lights.

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The entryway and staircase runs just off the kitchen.

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White stairs twist around a wooden stairwell, lit by LED lights under the lip of each tread. Modern art adds interest to timber plank walls.

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The master suite is an attic bedroom, just like the rest of the bedrooms in this house. Velux windows cut through a sloping wood ceiling to prevent it from feeling too oppressive, and to let in extra natural light.

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There is also plenty of ambient light installations in this scheme, set into and around a bespoke padded headboard design.

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A grey minimalist media console supports the TV. A walk in closet is revealed beside it.

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The bathroom is combined with a laundry area–a convenient way to get clothes straight to the wash the moment they come off. Wood panelled walls are interrupted here, in favour of luxurious white marble tiling.

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A wooden tray neatly holds soaps and facecloths close by the sink.

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The house has a dedicated home office, where a small grey couch and swing arm wall lamp make a comfy spot to read.

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A tan desk chair pulls up to a charcoal coloured desk with a sleek slimline table lamp. A large window provides plenty of brightness in daylight hours.

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Just the essentials are kept out on the minimalist workspace; a bank of shelving is recessed into the adjacent wall for files.

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The first kid’s room is a magical place, where fairy lights twinkle in a dinky woodland treehouse–or so it feels like under the wooden rafters.

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Pegboards make adjustable displays that the child can change up and out at will. A ladder provides another spot to wind some string lights–or just to throw the days clothes at.

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A whimsical cloud mobile floats dreamily above the bed, standing out beautifully against the wood tone background. Handy shelving is set inside the eaves along the length of the bed.

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The second bathroom is tinted pale grey from a swirling tile design.

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Wood effect furniture fills the majority of the space in the small bathroom design, from a wide wall mounted vanity unit to a run of built in cupboards.

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Black bathroom fixtures punctuate pale walls.

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The second kid’s bedroom design is coloured with yellow accents.

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A yellow beanbag chair pulls up to the TV.

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Backlit shelving burns brightly under bathroom eaves.

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A round vanity mirror echoes the outline of a round vessel basin.

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The walk in closet by the entryway comfortably houses all of the family’s outdoor clothing.

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An entryway bench makes a convenient spot for putting on everybody’s shoes.

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