Get Ready For Hot Modern Red and Grey Interiors

Get Ready For Hot Modern Red and Grey Interiors

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Grey decor builds a cool modern base, but what if your personality seeks something a little stronger? Turn up the energy inside your home by introducing solid accent pieces in shades of red, which is thought to promote feelings of strength, determination, power, passion and even love. There are many ways to succeed with a lively red and grey colour combo, from scattering a few star accent pieces into a predominantly neutral design, to building fearless colour saturated spaces. We’ve selected these two apartment designs to help you out in your quest to a red hot home, as they come chock full with inspiration for colour balance–plus some nifty ideas for stylish home layouts to boot.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: K Band
A grey ceiling creates an awesome zoning technique in the living room of a 86 square metre apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Lighting inside this darkened area is reduced to an atmospheric haze, promoting a cinematic ambience around the TV. Other lighting in the open plan room presents as dazzling spotlights in crisp white planes.

  • 2 |
A red sectional modern sofa is pieced together in a multi-sided arrangement, offering seating options to both the lounge and kitchen diner when entertaining.

  • 3 |
The home entryway is joined to the living room via a wide walkway, so a full length rotating mirror has been installed to mark a subtle boundary between the two. The decorative mirror is held in a bright red frame to let it stand out from its white and grey surroundings.

  • 4 |
A red ottoman piece is separated off from the rest of the sectional sofa. Instead, it is grouped with the bookcase and a floor lamp to make a reading nook.

  • 5 |
Behind the lounge, a moderndining table and chairs set occupies free floor space in front of the kitchen. The dining set is restricted to shades of grey, black and wood tone to allow the adjacent red kitchen cabinets to shine. Red flowers slot into unique glass vases on the table, to tie the palette of the neighbouring zones together.

  • 6 |
Kitchen drawer units form a line of red that balances out the sofa.

  • 7 |
The red drawer units stand proud of grey cabinets to make them really pop. A column of clear shelves tower at one end of the dining table, displaying pristine white tableware.

  • 8 |
With the walls filled edge-to-edge with flat grey handle-free units, the eye focuses solely on the core red kitchen. The colour illusion makes the room feel minimalist despite an abundance of storage.

  • 9 |
Large grey storage cabinets line the hallway. These span from the front door toward the home’s private quarters, where a master bedroom, kid’s room and family bathroom reside.

  • 10 |
The entire hallway is encased in the same solid grey tone, including all internal doors and ceilings.

  • 11 |
Indoor plants inject revitalising colour into the grey master bedroom, in place of the red accents used for the living room. A portiere conceals a walk in wardrobe to the right, whilst lightweight grey drapes let sunlight peep in from the window.

  • 12 |
The pattern of the grey bedroom wallpaper is reminiscent of breeze blocks, which nudges the aesthetic into the industrial realm. A raw timber headboard increases the colour temperature.

  • 14 |
Grey upholstery wraps the cushiony modern bed. A plush grey rug keeps toes cosy around the bedside.

  • 15 |
Following on from the plants in the master bedroom, we come to a green bathroom scheme.

  • 16 |
Green panels colour the wall behind a floating bidet and toilet set. A mirrored backsplash behind the vanity doubles the effect of the bold feature wall.

  • 17 |
Kids have their own ideas, and this pink kid’s room is bursting with a whole different personality to the rest of the home.

  • 18 |
One half of the room is given over to a kid’s study space, well lit by the window.

  • 19 |
A white table lamp comes in handy for late night study.

  • 20 |
A powder room by the home entryway is also the laundry room.

  • 21 |
All red bathroom decor engulfs the small space.

  • 22 |
Floor plan.

  • 23 |
  • Designer: Obrys Design Marina Grinchuk
  • Visualizer: Obrys Design Marina Grinchuk
Measuring a smaller 53 square metres, our second featured apartment was designed for a single young male.

  • 24 |
This home is a studio apartment. Glass bifold doors draw across to separate the sleep zone from the lounge area. A single shade of soft grey and warm terracotta red is used throughout to create fluidity.

  • 25 |
Beautiful speakers flank a huge TV and sleek white media unit. A slouchy grey armchair and ottoman sit low to the ground.

  • 27 |
It seems the ottoman may be occupied by a furry housemate for the most part–maybe could use some stylish cat furniture in here!

  • 28 |
The glass wall bedroom allows the line of sight to pass straight through it from the kitchen, dining zone and lounge, which helps the whole place feel bigger…

  • 29 |
…It also means that the giant TV can be viewed from all areas too.

  • 30 |
The dining table is a unique design that descends from the rafters, almost as though it has been flipped upside down to defy gravity.

  • 31 |
Long supports extend from the ceiling to cradle the tabletop. Black bar stools sit tall at the table. Red folding chairs hang on the wall nearby to get down for guests – although these are more suited to sitting around the TV than to pull up under the high table.

  • 32 |
A terracotta red kitchen colours the back wall for the most part, with a stark black backsplash completing the run.

  • 33 |
White wall cabinets bring light relief to the L-shaped black and red kitchen design.

  • 34 |
Simple white window blinds allow bold black window frames to stand proud.

  • 35 |
Red kitchen accessories strengthen the colour theme.

  • 37 |
Skateboards colour the wall of the entryway, diffused through a black mesh cabinet front.

  • 39 |
White tiles lighten the bathroom colour combo.

  • 40 |
Floor plan.

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