Uniquely Neutral Home Decor

Uniquely Neutral Home Decor

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There is nothing unique about a neutral decor palette, and yet this modern home interior sure has a look all of its very own. Measuring in at 150 square metres, this flat in London is filled with surprising and tantalising choices of furniture, lighting and finishes. Designed and visualised by TOLKO interiors, the rooms present a laid back sense of chic that most can only aspire to. The fluid lines of a curvaceous three piece suite are echoed in the low hanging straps of a truly extraordinary lighting installation. Texture plays a huge part in individualising this neutral toned space too, with unusual window shutters, screen door kitchen cabinets, and a ribbed kitchen island.

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Marshmallow-like armchairs and a matching softly curvaceous white sofa build an inviting lounge zone within the open plan. The mere sight of this pillowy seating is enough to make anyone just want to dive right on, and sink into a deep snooze for a while.

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Tan leather-look straps loop down from the ceiling to support an extraordinary lighting installation of three tube lights, which branch between the straps like the rungs of a rope ladder. The straps hang low into the centre of the lounge to create a dramatically imposing piece, which is as much a work of art as it is a functional element.

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A wood and marble coffee table has a circular segmented design. A medium pile beige rug warms up the wooden floor.

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Abstract line art brings another moment of modernity to the room, and complements the tangled design of the overhead lighting arrangement.

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Two decorative vases, in contrasting shades, decorate the smooth marble surface of the coffee table.

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Another contrasting decorative vase duo adorns a low level console unit…

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… And a pairing of decorative bowls work as a table centrepiece over in the dining kitchen.

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Smooth wooden window shutters are punched through with pin holes of light over their lower halves, so that even when fully closed against the glare, sunlight may still dapple the floor. The light permeable material of the dining chairs complements the perforated shutters design.

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The kitchen diner is situated at the top of two steps in the open plan room, staged on a platform away from the lounge area. The dining set stands close against the side of the kitchen island so that is flows as one piece–although the two are not actually adjoined.

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Ribbed panels encase the kitchen island, making it stand out against completely smooth wood grain units behind it.

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Three sets of double doors behind the ribbed kitchen island are made of solid wood, whilst the rest of the kitchen cabinet doors have a perforated screen effect. The multitude of textures creates a beautifully layered effect, despite the uniformity of colour.

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The neutral decor palette flows seamlessly into the master bedroom design of course, continuing a calm and peaceful aesthetic throughout. Short cut wooden planks are arranged vertically around the base of the room to form an unusual skirting board. The planks also make a border around the edges of the floor, whilst a herringbone design fills in at the middle.

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Thebedroom pendant lights look almost like strings of giant beads, or precious pearls, dangling low at each side of the double bed. The blades of a wood ceiling fan whir in the centre of the ceiling.

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Pewter effect bedside tables lustre in the light from large bedroom windows. A subtly winged rattan headboard adds the light permeable element to the bedroom furniture.

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Crisp bed linen layered in cream and beige creates a luxury hotel room feel. A soft beige rug provides plush comfort underfoot.

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An obscure glass panel stands opposite the foot of the bed, serving as a light room divider between the sleep space and an ensuite bathroom.

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A custom-made beautiful bathtub stretches out along the opposite side of the ribbed glass screen.

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The sides of the bath are clad with the same fine ribbed finish as is used to face the kitchen island, giving the home design complete continuity.

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A small polished wood side table serves the unique bathtub with soap.

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Some toiletries perch on top of the neat boxing stand for the bath taps, where they can be tidily bedded inside of a specially designed shallow tray.

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Minimalist valves, tap and rinser head are chosen to quietly complement the stand out bathtub design, without vying for attention.

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A second obscure glass screen stands opposite the bath, to separate the vanity area from a walk-in shower.

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Small vanity mirrors hang down on straps from the ceiling, suspended freely in front of the glass screen.

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Ribbed panels provide facing across the bathroom vanity unit, interspersed with smooth wooden panels to create textural and tonal contrast. Light catches the edges of the vanity and glass screen ridges to make layers of thin stripes.

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A minimalist bathroom faucet hooks over the textured basin, with the hot and cold valves placed separately from it at the front left hand side.

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Daylight washes into the shower enclosure from a tall window, which can be closed off with shutters for privacy when required.

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Interior design mood board showing the selection of ribbed glass, rattan screening, inspirational artwork, wood grain, stainless steel, natural stone, and tan leather materials used to make up this unique decor scheme.

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