Taking Black And White Decor From Basic To Bold

Taking Black And White Decor From Basic To Bold

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Neutral decor doesn’t have to be basic, in fact, simple black and white decor can be brilliantly bold if balanced right. These three examples of modern home interiors follow a monochrome palette in three entirely different ways. In home number one we explore a predominantly pale design with well spaced punctuations of black. Home two is a little heavier handed with black accents, using the base note to create an even balance with light surroundings. Finally in home three, we round things off with a sophisticated interior that pulls warmer tones into the mix, along with luxe touches of marble and smoked glass. Which one would you choose?

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  • Designer: KAEL Architekci
An L-shaped sofa arrangement in pale grey marks out the lounge area of home interior number one. The pale piece surrounds a jet black coffee table, which acts as a visual anchor in the centre of the sitting room. Black window frames stand out strongly in pure white walls. Sheer white voiles filter the light and provide an element of privacy without obliterating the window frames from view.

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Instead of contending with the density of the black coffee table, the media cabinet has been selected in a white finish to blend with the walls. The wall mounted TV provides a black element on this side of the room.

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Carrying on the even spacing between black accent pieces, a black integrated oven stands out at the centre of a wall of white kitchen units.

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Around the corner, a black piano awaits its moment in the spotlight.

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A wood grain pool table adds a moment of warmth to the open plan living room.

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One plant in the corner of the lounge balances out the green pool table top.

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The kitchen island is also a dining table, where four black and beige dining chairs await dinner time. The darkness of the chair upholstery complements the black oven in the white minimalist kitchen.

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Slatted doors draw closed across the entrance to the bedroom.

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The wall lights in the bedroom are set into a pale grey headboard feature wall. Two small black wall sconces provide more focussed task lighting on the bed itself.

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LED lights under the platform bed give the base a floating effect–a neat feature that can be seen from the living room through the slatted doors.

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The white bathroom has tiny black accessories dotted throughout. Faucets, soap dispensers and trash cans are a simple and subtle way to introduce strong accent colour.

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Large format tiles make the narrow bathroom look more spacious.

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A black lounge chair, coffee table, media cabinet, and even some black scatter cushions come out to play.

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The lounge leads straight into the kitchen diner, where a mix of black and grey fabric makes for interesting dining chair upholstery.

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The two walls of the kitchen are approached in completely different ways, with one wall designed to blend with its white backdrop, and a wall of wooden cabinets set to add warm colour and texture to the room.

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There is also a slick LED feature strip cutting down the headboard wall, bringing added light and shade to the black and white bedroom.

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A home workspace is amalgamated into the bedroom media cabinet design. One solid colourway blends the elements together as one cohesive piece, in high contrast to a plain white wall.

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A light track has its black line extended down white fitted wardrobes.

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A white bathroom design is weighted by dark elements around its lower third.

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The charcoal vanity unit merges with matt charcoal wall panels.

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  • Architect: hilight. design
  • Designer: hilight. design
Our last featured interior is a show home located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The design team were given the task of creating a timeless, stylish design that would catch everyone’s attention–families, future parents and singletons alike. Marble panels were brought in to build a feeling of luxury in the open plan living room. A chunky square coffee table gives the small lounge its anchor. An indoor plant adds natural energy.

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Stout modern dining chairs make a statement in the kitchen diner end of the apartment, beneath a unique pendant light.

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Glossy black units at the back of the kitchen give the space added visual depth.

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The monochrome palette builds minimalist elegance, style and simplicity with universal appeal.

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The tasteful bedroom decor is striped with gypsum panels on one half of the headboard wall. The other half is left blank as a clear mount for a swing arm wall lamp. The winged platform bed has a timeless charm that will interest people who appreciate either classic style or modern design.

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Recessed ceiling LEDs highlight the textured feature wall.

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Light box walls brighten up the choices inside the closet.

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More gypsum panels texture the wall next to a full length mirror and dressing table.

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A modern vanity chair pulls up to a floating makeup shelf across the mirror.

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The decor inside the last bedroom is warmed through with beautiful wood tone.

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White marble fills the bright luxe bathroom. A smoked glass shower screen adds depth of tone.

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